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All of Grade 12 Math – Advanced Functions – IN 1 HOUR!!! (part 1)

All of MHF4U – Grade 12 Advanced Functions in 1 Hour. This video is intended for EXAM REVIEW. Go to for more material.

Part 1: Polynomial Functions

– end behaviour
– factored form equation of polynomial from it’s graph
– long and synthetic polynomial division
– factor theorem
– solve polynomial equations and inequalities

Part 2: Trigonometry

– what is a RADIAN
– special triangles
– exact trig values using special triangles and reference angles
– compound angle indentities
– double angle identities
– graphing transformed trig functions
– trig identities and equations

Part 3: Logarithmic Functions and Rational Functions

– what is a log function
– solving exponential and logarithmic equations
– graphing rational functions
– solving rational inequalities

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